Show Selected Sample-instrument In Patterneditor / In Sample Editor


tracking I came a cross this lill thing.

I had a very densed programmed beat section in the pattern editor, where one sample had a nasty plop sound that I wanted to correct in the sample editor.

Because the row was completely full, I had to step through using enter, and when finally found the spot, look up with squinty eyes at the monitor, trying to read the sample instrument number and find it in the corresponding multisample instrument.

It would work much faster, If you could right click the (found) selection and then -> choose ‘show in sample editor’. voila…no hit & miss, long searching of gazillion samples/instruments :slight_smile: .

Of course this would also automatically highlight the selection in the instrument list.

edit: this would be for single instrument selection in the pattern editor.

  • Maybe multiple instrument selection in the pattern editor could highlight the different samples/instruments in the instrument list as well, for deletion purposes or what not?

Have you tried the “capture the nearest instrument in the pattern” ?
Located above the octave and edit step functions

I’m reading the manual in a minute, but it doesn’t seem to do anything! I’d figger checking auto capture, something I never looked into obviously :slight_smile: , would automatically show the correct waveform when stepping through the pattern, but alas…

Your right. It looks like auto capture functions from column to column and not step to step, unless I missed something.

What if you would play that note and the sample automatically gets selected in the instrument’s sample bank (thus also popping up in the sample editor when you go to it)?

Sounds good…but what exactly do you mean with ‘play’? I reckon you mean, triggering the sample with the keyboard, but in my above stated problem then I’d still have to find that sample first…

‘Play’ as in manual stepping through the pattern/track with ‘enter’, then this would be an ideal solution, if not causing to much overhead? :-).

If you do manual stepping, you can see the note that you triggered, if you trigger the note by keyboard you play that very sample. I assume you know where to find an A-4 or a B#6 ( :P) on your keyboard.

depends, midi or computer keyboard? Qwerty is still confusing me :wink:

But to remain on topic: please implement, right click -> show in sample editor for quick finding.

If you brand your keys it might be a hell of a lot easier.

Btw, back in the Commy 64 time, i had a special overlay clavier that came with some music software…
Now that looked slick on my gig!

Ah yes , I remember those c64 overlays! A mate had one that we used in some activision music program when we were kids :slight_smile: You even have a matching ‘bag’ for jamming purposes, thats sick!

Actually, that is a stolen flick from an artist called CasioNova

U know IT had this feature of showing what insruments or samples were playing and what had been played during last play session. Was really great thing to have for some troubleshooting and generally making sense out of huge arrangements. :)