Show Spectrum Analyzer Meta Device

First I’ve seen lots of similar suggestions, such as this:

But instead of showing up in the device chain, the vizualiztion routes up to the master spectrum analyzer. This is similar to how we can see the current track over the master track.

I would imagine it would be most useful turning these off and on in the Mixer view.
A example use would be so you could simultaneously see how compression is effecting a track, or compare two track simultaneously.

That’s a clever idea! On a glance it seems very compatible with the current scheme, which allows selecting the input for the two displayed curves in the master spectrum.

+1 :guitar:

–edit: well, compatible in, you know, GUIwise. Have no idea how possible it is in renoise internals… Maybe it could be treated more as a ‘send’ device with no visible send track, only a place at the spectrum curve source list… ?