Show Track-Colors In Pattern Matrix

first time actually composing in 2.8(b2) and i would love to see an option to also show the full background of the track colors, as set in the Pattern Sequencer, in the Pattern Matrix. the colored patterns in the Pattern Matrix are currently already colored on/near the track-color, but with an option to have their backgrounds shown as well, it would be even easier to see which track you were working on, while in the Pattern Matrix.

i’m trying to make a mock-up but not yet very much skills at The GIMP so failing miserably. at this ooint i wish i had MS Paint for pure stupidity. hope you can all imagine this for yourselves, through your mind’s eyes.

I don’t understand you. Any block with data in it is already coloured the track colour as standard, although you can override it if you desire. Blocks without data are not and that makes it easy to see empty blocks. Muted ones are slightly greyed out with a cross through them so easily recognisable too.

I do agree with the concept of making it more obvious which track your cursor is in within the Matrix though. Especially if you are on a block of similar colour to the position indicator. Maybe fill in the gap between blocks of current track?


Poor mock-up:

Maybe in the colour of the track rather than white? Is this similar to what you meant?

The cells (including all aliasses if applicable) already lit up when you have edit mode on.

what i mean is have those colored blocks as your screenshot, then imagine a background of the same color with opacity behind it (where the blocks are now empty), just like with the Pattern Sequencer. that’s what i mean.
maybe it is not a good idea. i don’t know, i thought it was when i posted this :)

That screenshot was taken with Edit Mode On. You can tell because the (barely visible) border to show which block you are in is Red. With my theme it would otherwise be Green.