Show us YOUR local talents

as a guy who always seek for new music i’m sure there are many people like me here in renoise community… i want in this topic to explore musicians and bands by countries , im sure there so much more wonderful music out there for all the music lovers … waiting to be heard…
plz pick artists from your state and also describe them shortly…


amit erez - singer/songwriter and guitarist… folk rock mostly

guy gerber - house/techno producer … big name in the scene , also released his fabric (london) in 2012 mix cd with only original tracks

avishay cohen - Israeli jazz bassist, composer, singer and arranger

kutiman - best known for creating the online music video project, ThruYOU

electra - rock band , kind of punk/britpop sound

monotonix - crazy garage rock band from israel , known for their extreme preforming and connecting with the crowrd

hostage - darkstep dnb , hard evil music :drummer:/>/>

What Happened In Vegas - US based indie/rock. A bunch of people from around my area.

A kick’n rad hiphop group from one of the poorest areas of Colombia.

A super talented NuCumbia group from the Colombia coast…

Metal Band From Montreal (quebec, Canada) :

Folk Punk From Ontario in canada :