Showreel Music

(Raegae) #1

I am not sure does this mail belong to this part of forum but here it goes . . .

(soundtrack made with renoise)

I need a job :P

(hotelsinus) #2

Music is fine,.
Sound Design is not enough good,. you need more practice,. i think you just start few days…
sorry to say that, but EXperience is missing when i hear some of your sound effects in the reel–
if i want to hire you, based on this reel…!.. u wont get any job. SORRY again, but this is real…!!!.. u need to deal with negative comments! and use it to improove your work-…

(Raegae) #3

This reel is just meant to show my understanding of 3D basics. Comments are always welcome :)
I promise to get more experience and publish better reel later on . . .

(bluszcz) #4

Its fvckng awesome!

If you made everything by yourself - I really think that you will find job quite fast…

When I was working with 3d artists usually non of them had such ‘presentation’… And later was able to squeezee much more from them…

Good luck!

(Raegae) #5

Rægæ System Bump, thats just so nice video >;)