Holy crap!!!

:huh: :o :lol:

…This is Music from another dimension.

Has anyone in here heard about Shpongle?

It’s like someone gave Astral Projection the mixing skills of B.T, the drum skills of Liam Howlet, and sent them both a trip to Smurf Village…

It just has to be heard :yeah:

…From what I can gather from their website, this duo gets their inspiration and musical influences from (mu)shrooms.


But these guys KNOWS what they’re doing!

Who the hell would add Saxophone, flutes and accoustic guitars to a goa-track anyway, and make it sound good??


Yea, it’s really great music!! I especially like the singing / synthetic voice in one of the tracks… can’t remember which one though.

me :P … but i don’t like goa :lol: … mix of electronic and acoustic music - is it so unusual? B)

I am listening to Tha Alpha Conspiracy’s “Aura” album and don’t want even to hear about any other music :P

Andrew Sega is genius!!!

sphongle is quit cheating…i heard that their music is total rip off. raping loops and riffs and things from other sources… just copy paste project. :confused:

but if you are into electro-acoustic stuff i recom check out japan flippers, expecial band called AoA <- totally rocking stuff

Fact is that every time someone makes success someone else claims that he cheated. It’s a result of being jealous :). (NOT saying u are jealous, u know that.) And electronic music in general is much about ripping and raping prerecorded sound material using means that computer technology provides. It’s really not how you do things, more like what you achieve. I think Shpongle guys made some great work with their loops and riffs. Whether I like the music is or not is completely different matter, but usually I find their music interesting at least on some level. Certainly it lacks some character (=too polished), and basically is just combining old things, but still I like it more or less. And it is not goa, for heavens sake. But who cares about genres anyway.

Nice chillout music… and atleast one GOAish song half way in “The Sixth Revelation” :)
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

That’s some crazy sh*t !!!

You made that??

I don’t know what’s craziest, the music, or the movie


What’s the name of this song??

It’s sickingly good!

nope i haven´t made that

but that track is from first album Are You Shpongled? called

Divine Moments of Truth