Shuffle Feature


Yesterday I had to figure out how to make a convicing blues backtrack with renoise :guitar:; everybody knows how important is that “shuffle feeling” for this music genre. Well, I had to put the 0d0x effect every two lines in the pattern to obtain what I want (this can easily simulate the dotted and tripled notes).
I think that a new button in the Advanced Edit could be added for this: pressing Shuffle specifying the amount (x) of delay of the lines (from 1 to the current ticks/row number) and the skip amount (y), Renoise could put the 0d0x every y lines of the song/pattern/track/block.

Someone agrees with me about this suggestion?




Soon the whole timing in Renoise will change, the resolution of ticks will increase etc and probably the built-in shuffle option will become more useful.

I think that filling whole track with those values is nothing hard, just prepare two lines of tempo-changes, copy them using alt-F4 and press ctrl+p, which fills a track with the copied block.

Thanks for the suggestion, DDspeed, I will do as you said, I think it’s the easiest way to do it. :ph34r:

best regards

“Soon”?! :huh: :D

OK, not so soon. :D But it will.