Shy FX - Original Nuttah (13^2 remix)

Hey guys, I just finished a remix of Shy FX’s “Original Nuttah” and I was wondering what you guys thought of it. It’s a little rough and a little loud, so you might wanna turn down your volume before listening. I warned you!!!

Anyways, check it out! :walkman:

The xrns is on the downloads page linked here:

Here’s the song on Soundcloud:

Classic song, great remix. Well done :slight_smile: The only thing I feel it’s lacking is some bass

Yea, I had to cut the bass from Nuttah because it clashed with the gabber kick. I was hoping the gabber kick could carry it well enough in the mix. I couldn’t really figure out to make a bass that wouldn’t just clash hardcore without doing some eq fuckery and messing up the power of kick.

I know it is very hard to remix something in a whole new way without pure acapella cuts. In a hefty tune like was used as basis for this. So here it goes.

While listening, I always kept dreaming of that “gabba” Bassdrum used as a bass in drum&bass style in various pitches rather than as a static hard kick, and using the decay part where the harmonics are getting fuzzier as a modulation component. Could give what was really lacking the original - some massive bassline.

Good remix, I like it!

Here’s the xrns if you wanna check it out.