Sick Puppy - Prodromal Tinfoil Hat (VIDEO)

Greetings gentlemen, have a look. Visuals by AD TWISTER.


You have soften the trebles…great

I think you should integrate “bullet time” slow patterns…

a brain need some break

one break is far from enough at this BPM

Boom bang thank you mam strawberry ham?


In this extreme style,I think you can even make fast acceleration en deceleration…keeping the balance in the lenght of the measures

dope as always!!! :fire: :metal: :fire:

nicely done

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Technically really nice, I am in awe of the programming. I’m not terribly au fait with the genre or style so I find it hard to provide feedback. I like the higher pitched tonal riff from about 4.04 to the end, gave me something more definite to latch onto musically. Sometimes when a lot of complexity if present, a simpler motif to give a point of reference to musical phrases helps me personally otherwise it can be a bit like being lost in chaos. Alas, my hard-core fast breaks days are behind me as a ripe old 38 year old so I might be barking up the wrong tree. When I was into harder DnB like Tech Itch etc. The chaotic drums were good when the phrases were more identifiable.

Enough rambling from me, I do like it a lot I just felt lost.

Thanks dude, that’s the concept for this track and video!Supposed to sound like a wall of cacophonous snares.I want to make a bunch of tracks like this so i can mix them together,i imagine in my head a sea of rhythms being mashed together like white noise, i dunno, the idea of it excites me. I used to listen to technical itch too, hes very straightforward though, other end of the spectrum.

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Sample pack is now available here

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Hello again, i have just uploaded this track running in renoise.


beautiful :upside_down_face:

love the bass entry around 3:30

the ending is fantastic, too. surprisingly playful (to my ears) at the close

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Cheers buddy appreciate that.