Sid And Nes Style Drums?

Hello, I need some oldschool retro drums for a track Iam working on, I found a site a couple of mounth back but now I cant find it again, does anyone know where to find these ols sounds.


some solutions:

  • trim a short wave out of any sample (prefer noise); create a loop after start of sample; make a short vol. -envelope in instrument settings; use cutoff and pitch for depth and tone; add a bitcrusher if you want it real 4 bit ^ ~

  • take a vsti: [retro gs] (commercial)…
how could i forget odosynths
unknown64 and DrSid:
a bit advertisement: unknown64pro check it!

or casiotone by easy#toolz…18a467d77e80335
and the killer-modules:

  • samples: (search)

but tbh i would use the first method.

THANX…playing with that toad vsti now…ist great

thx :yeah: