Side Chaining!

Hi guys, Side Chaining is such an important function and a standard feature with most sequencers. Can we please include the ability to side chain in the next version.

I make dance music and being able to side chain a bass to a kick so that a kick drum cuts through the bass is essential.

When trying to convince some producers to switch over to Renoise this is one of the bad points that usually crops up, along with the difficulties when dealing with vocals in Renoise.

Will it ever be possible to play Renoise from any song position and the vocal/sample play from the line it is on, rather than having to go back to the start of the sample?

All in all Renoise is a fantastic program but these two problems are making me consider switching over to Cubase.

Cheers guys

Keep up the good work.

If you want to play a sample in sync you can use energyXT at the moment with this method (/modified without the need for rendering) explained in this thread:…97ef7123d423b00

didn’t know it was called side chaining, but I’d like that very much too thank you :)

As was said last time this subject was brought up a few weeks ago Sunjammer’s idea of scripting would make this and a lot more possible. :D

Maybe it would scare off more fluffy musicians and it would be good to have a more straight forward way of doing something which is quite a common and important task though… ;)

This is exactly why i think expressions would be a good idea.
Side chaining is extremely useful, but it’s also something a lot of people would never ever touch.

Side chaining is the act of connecting attributes that have no inherent relationship, and a script utility that let you do sidechaining (which is really just an “input = some track” type script) would let us do anything similar to it as well as any number of weird crap halfway through. I reckon there’s a huge bit of work to get something like that working, but i think that work would have to be done, at least partially, to get sidechaining working for compressors in the first place.

Killing x number of flies with one swat really, open the structure’s dependency graph on a superficial level so we can do this kind of thing ourselves, and create our own devices to a certain degree by scripting effect chain relationships.

Interesting. I think that side chaining would be the feature to wish from next version of Renoise. That alone would make me buy it. For now, I think I’ll just try to learn the basics with the free version =)

Yes, this request was discussed many times before!
So we waiting for this in upcoming version of renoise.
And :prayin: dev’s don’t forget about us

yes, this is a very essential part of most house and techo. compared to the complexity of features already developed, I would bet money the renoise guys could implement in just a few hours! i would even offer to do the job myself but am not an experienced enough programmer to do it properly, although i’d still give it a go lol - btw how do you get the source? Do you have to officially join the dev team to get it? Just out of interest…

But anyway, this is an important feature! Its got my vote.


Yeah this is requested a lot and I honestly dont know why it has not been implemented. Renoise is predominantly a tool to make programmed electronic music. This kind of music, especially the bass heavy dance styles, pretty much always has sidechaining involved. It is an integral part of the sound!

the long wait is going to make it sooo sweet… I can’t wait to go back to a lot of tunes and make them sound less crappy oh yeah!

and what about a peak controller like in FLS??

It would be great to just have the native compressor have sidechaining. I love the native one.

+1 native compressor with A|B channels…

I’d quite prefer to have more than 2 “channels”… with the applications I’m envisioning, I’d like to have unlimited channels kthx ;) … which brings me to my next point: SIDECHAIN CAPABLE METADEVICES!!!

probably a better idea. i can see the potential in it.

let it all flow!


What would REALLY rule, would be a sidechain device which has the ability to send to unlimited tracks.

The tracks would be accessed through a pull down window box which would list all the currently present tracks. Each time a track was selected, a new element on the sidechain gui would occur, with a bypass option.

This would rule.

The receiving track(s), would automatically have the ability to receive the side chain info into all of their plug ins (each plug in would have a Yes/No option)


Instant best host ever.

To be honest, your idea is good, but flawed. The thing me and sunjammer were talking about in that thread I posted was the fact that metadevices should be broken into very specific tasks… that’s why we decided to it should have an amplitude reader and a metadata router instead of a sidechain device. So, in relation to your request, why have that built into the sidechain metadevice(s) when you could in fact split that feature off into another well needed feature that would benefit ALL the metadevices in Renoise? Why not make a metadata splitter? This would solve problems that people have with having consistent LFO action across multiple effects, it would allow for what you want here, and who knows what else once other metadevices, like the envelope metadevice I envisioned, are implemented.

In the meantime dbAudioware has crafted a sidechain compressor that works in renoise as it is now. They solve it with one instance of the plugin being a send+passthrough and on the other instance of the plugin it works as a reciever + compressor.

Its kind of the meta-device approach.


Ive tried this plugin myself in renoise 1.9 and it works at it should.

i tested this just now, doesnt seem to work here with me, running 1.97beta…

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:) Was just about to suggest this also…