Side Chaining

Must admit I haven’t done much music making for ages. Shame on me! Anyway got something started and fairly happy with it but it’s one of the occasions where it sounds like it REALLY needs some side chain compression going on to clear it up

I had hoped this new Bus Compressor in 1.9 was going to allow just that, but alas no. Have searched the forum and seems to be nothing new talked about. I am only really interested in free solution, with all my music being made with a combination of Renoise and various bits of freeware at the moment.

I have just downloaded SideKickV3 (think I had an earlier version but never ended up trying it) and going to give it a play but have read a few comments of it being buggy. Seems this is mostly having to set it up each time you open a song. once you’ve set it up you can render a track alright though yeah? If so I guess I can live with it.

Would prefer to avoid using MIDI plugins or routing to eXT if I can as I like to keep things simple and my computer struggles anyway (as well as my brain) but if there is a way to do it like this that is really that much better than SideKick (or another standalone freeware solution you can recommend) then I may just be willing to give it a go.


points to search button


As to date there is no other way…

I thought I’d be nice :P

I have searched the forum, as stated in first post.

Tried searching various things. Most recent thread was early November ( so not that long ago) and mainly had people talking about TC’s Native Bungle and SideKick. Also have read other threads mentioning ways of doing with MidiYoke (etc) or eXT (again as stated.) None of them very conclusive.

There were some fairly simple questions in my post, which you could of tried reading and thinking about instead of pointing at the used Search button like an ogre at a fairy, such as

  • Is the only bugs with SideChain that it doesn’t rmember you’re setting on reloading and that sometimes you might have to restart renoise if you are loading songs after each other that contain it.
  • Does rendering you track work fine with the settings once it’s set up.
  • Are there other freeware side chain compressors that will do the job without using other programs?
  • Is there anything I could use of noticeably better quality if I do make the effort to go the eXT or MidiYoke route?

and probably more but I’ll let you neanderthals re-read and digest the original post if you can take time out from grunting and pointing.

Sorry… I wasn’t trying to troll… there’s just been many threads lately that have all stated that it’s not possible natively, and that all the hacks and workarounds pretty much suck. From what I understand, the EXT route is probably your best bet… and I’m still searching for better midi routing plugins… I may in fact write my own now that I’m doing VST dev with c++ ;)

Excellent idea! Perhaps ModuLR can hand over some of his tricks (he wrote Senderella) ?

That’s alright my post was half in jest. I know how helpful and friendly the people on this forum usually are. Just haven’t read it much for months and read a few bits and nothing seemed very conclusive.

I’d just be doing a volume curve->midiCC plugin really… I’d do raw audio to midiCC but I’m not sure most plugins or hosts could handle that kind of data throughput in midi.


The only problem with using jUltram for example is, that renoise records the midi CC’s when stop is pressed.

I think that would need adressing from the developer before a midi based sidechain is possible.