Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Simonus Remix)

Created moment ago.

Dual piano no wobble version

very thematic, and by that i mean to me it is music that would not only enhance any video footage that this music may accompany, but also, any arguably more important, e/in.vokes imagery when listen to. So what do I envision when listening to this? Vigilantes. God loving vigilantes on the outside of Israel fightening for freedom. The is a soundcloud that God willing will be favorited as soon as i click on the sitelink. Thanks for sharing. :walkman:

Thx for listening :)

Cheesy and relaxing :walkman:

What did you use for piano? Sounds very nice and clean.

this song is perfect … until the wobble comes in. sorry :(

mda piano vst + little delay + reverb

Ok i like wobble but Im not some wobble master and it can drive people mad so version without wobble, just chill + dual piano (second is dream piano from dsk overture).

this is so … beautiful … !! really!!! i would love to hear this song in a movie, it has a perfect atmosphere :wub:
i must say you are very talented Simonus. please make more like this! :wub:

Thx im happy you like it :)

And Thx for compliment, but Im far from being talented:)

Here I made little promo movie for my drawing group using drawings from that group.

Yep… somehow a compromise between an abandoned structure and beautiful nature… that’s what I had in mind…

Indeed, everything is great until the wobble starts to wobble. :) The sound is way too hairy and sounds out of place.

When the initial bass comes in, it’s good though, the filter work is bit lousy though.

Thats why theres two version one without wobble. I didnt change anything in wobble version cuz i like that dirty, hairy sometimes out of tune sound.