Sidechain HPF bus comp master

Hi troops, I’m not in front of my laptop so just trying to visualise how to do something.

In the past (in other DAWs), I used to sidechain a master bus compressor using the main signal through a HPF so that low frequencies don’t trigger it. Just sounded a lot better that way to my ears

In Renoise, am I right in thinking this could be achieved using the signal follower (with HPF enabled) set to affect ‘active / bypassed’ → bus compressor in a simple signal chain?

I’m using Linux and currently just have Airwindows Recurve and Airwindows Safety Clipper on the master out.

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Why don’t you affect the “ratio”?

You can also use ‘#sidechain’ device to control “sidechain compatible” compressors

edit: ‘#sidechain’ have no filtering

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That would make more sense and result in a more interesting dynamic… Thank you.

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