Sidechain Lookahead

The new sidechain functionality is great!

But why is there no lookahead neither in the sidechain device nor in the compressors?

Don’t know how that could be omitted! A sidechain will often only sound clear (attack defined), if the sidechain ducking includes some subtle (or not…) lookahead…

Going to keep using the signal follower for sidechain ducking, until that feature is added!


Yup 100% agreed! Still using the sidechain already though :laughing: Now it’s just as “retarded” as in other DAWs…

wasn’t there something hacking work around using the track delays?



Sure, and later a delay. But then you are offsetting any other device, too, e.g. meta signals detection. In the end, your workaround with the trackcontrol vst is the only precise workaround, it seems to me. Still it is a workaround. I hope Taktik will agree at some point.