Sidechain (Signal Follow) Rewire Tracks?

Is it possible to set up some kind of sidechaining on ReWire channels?

To be clear, I want the ReWire track to be ducked by a normal Renoise track.



I can accomplish this if the ReWire track is AFTER the Renoise track, but could not get it done when my ReWire tracks were grouped and fell before the Renoise tracks in order.

Furthermore, if I route the signal follower to modulate the Volume of the ReWire input channel I get horrible distortion. Automating a Gainer further down the chain would be a workaround but I really want to duck the source, so that all sends from the ReWire channel are effected by the ducking, too.

Try it ;) Route a signal follower to the volume of a rewire channel … Yuck!

This is similar behavior with the signal follower and that is because of the processing order of tracks and effects (processing from top to down and left to right). The processing order is also the reason why you can not apply controls from the signal follower to effects that precede the signal follower.
If you know this you can use this knowledge to anything else that depends on signals or other triggers that should apply to effect parameters in other tracks:Always position the master trigger element before the track or effect that you want to alter its parameters from.

Thanks for the routing advice.