Sidechain Sim + 6 Different Lfo Presets

I’ve already posted a former version of the sidechain sim a few days ago in the beginners questions.

Well, here it is again, slightly changed to make the effect more obvious (removed the reverb from the SC) and added by 6 LFO presets to simulate different sidechain responses. The LFO shapes are recreations from the sidechain curves in Steve Duda’s Xfer LFO Tool ( - highly recommended!). Just drop the presets into your LFO preset folder, load the .XRNS then and switch through the LFO presets. :)

To trigger the LFO you can use any instrument or any volume value (even 00) without any instrument. Before I forget to mention again, the LFO triggers a Gainer, so you’re still able to adjust the in and out faders of the mixer.

Tip: If you want/need to run a constantly pumping sidechain effect without need for a trigger, just connect a LFO device to a gainer, select one of the presets and unselect “one shot”. You’re still able to turn off the pumping by simply disabling the gainer with pattern commands.

Download Sidechain Sim + presets

thanks man!!

Always impressed with your work…The VReset DSP you made is something i’ve been looking for for some time. Really appreciate it. Thanks

Whoops just notices its a renamed velocity tracker…but still something i never thought of

The technic is actually an oldie and not my invention nor something special nowadays. Someone on the forum, I don’t remember who was it (sorry!), did something like that already a long time ago. I just posted it, because a lot of people still ask how to achieve a sidechain effect. And I think, compared to the signal-follower method the LFO variation is still the way better and more effective one. I guess the presets show why. :)

Thanks for sharing! Nice one!