Sidechain Song

Hi Guys.

I’m not very active on this forum, i just wanted to share something i learned in the studio in Rotterdam.
With the right settings you can make awesome sidechaining.

2 Tracks. a kick and a lead with 2 send devices sending those 2 tracks to S01 and on S01 a compressor with the proper settings. It’s actually pretty simple.
Also the reverb responds very well to the sidechaining effect :)

For some reason i think this sounds better then using the signal follower or the bus-compressor on S01.

Let me know what you think, no VST’s are needed. You need Renoise 2.7b1 for this example song.

Is that really sidechaining or just compression?
It seems to do a very big cut on the lows of the kick.

That’s definitely not sidechaining.

Hmm strange because it sounds like sidechaining to me.
The compressor (S01) on the lead is following the kick’s signal but i noticed it only works when the 2 tracks are played together because there is no pre-fader option?, otherwise it doesn’t give that typical sidechaining-sound. Mute/Off/Pre or Post in the mixer nothing works unless the 2 tracks are played together.

Technically what i did is Kick+Lead(Track1 and Track2) → Send-device to S01 → S01 compressor.

I’m sorry if this is in some way not true-sidechaining technically but it pretty much sounds like it to me :)

I just tried changing the kicktrack from “Send-Device” into “Signal-Follower” (S01 → Compressor → Ratio) with a bit of dest-max alteration, also gives the same kind of sound and then the lead keeps sounding like sidechaining even when kicktrack is muted.

yeah, not sidechaining, you need to use the signal follower though even thats not real sidechain compression. sometimes i use it on the compression threshold instead of the gainer though so you could try that, and experiment with the signal follower in general, it rules

thats pretty cool though, you can get sidechain-like effects with just the compressor and maximizer

also note the effect you’re talking about only works with the reverb on, at least from what i can see

I sidechained some things in this track of mine. Just use a bus compressor and a signal follower.

The weird thing was that today my teacher in Rotterdam tried it with real analog hardware the same way, so 2 tracks from the hardware mixer-panel routed with wires into the compressor and it worked like sidechaining. (track 1 is normally routed into the compressor and the other track into sidechain/return port). Or something like that.

Ahh well i will experiment some further, routing is great ey :D