i’ve got myself this GAC and GUP compressors of Kjaehr whatever.

both for sidechain compression purpose.
they work in renoise as normal compressors but for the sidechain
effect there’s no go… i’ve tried them with madtracker2.6 and it
worked well…

i don’t wanna sound harsh or so, just wanted to know if renoise
will support sidechain effects someday.

i’ve read that the next update will have vst v2.3 support,
thus allowing some fancy vst effects …
so i hope this will also include the sidechain possibility.

i do have some sidechain plugin called “SideKickv3” (or somthing),
it’s even for free but somehow the plugin or even renoise itself
always switches the input channels for the sidechain :(

have a nice day… i’ll have a shit b’day tomorrow :S

Sidechain works in Renoise with SidekickV3 (some minor issues but the author knows about it) There is no native solution within Renoise to use sidechaining or some form of routing that does the trick. This is a feature that is requested many times so we’ll have to wait and see what the next version will bring to the table…

Anyway happy birthday tommorow anyway! :D

ye i know about sidekickv3 and stuff.
and yea too bad renoise ain’t having this special channel routing yet :)

and how did u know it’s my birthday, today?
i hadn’t had my birthdate in my profile since
just a few minutes ago :P

If you are long enough on this board you will gain special powerrrrrsssss!! Well… uhm… I wish… actually I could make that up reading the last line in your post :P

:rolleyes: that was funny.

i often get all wired up because i leave evidence that gives
speciale powers to people to. hehe