Sidechaining In Renoise (for Real)

I just found out that you dont need energyXT, Sidekick, or LFO tweaking
to get a compressor to work with sidechain inside Renoise.

To do this u gotta download the good ol’ dBProComp.
you can get it here


  1. put a instance in track you want to trigger/gate (Basskick)
    adjust: TRIGGER = SEND - A type

  2. put another vst instance on the track you want to react to the input.sound. (Bass)
    adjust: TRIGGER = RECV - A type

BTW. the settings shown on these images are set to duck the react sound, but you can get it to trigger
the react sound also for making stabbing sounds o.l… but you will figure that out yourself

happy tracking.


Do you still have to license that software? The plug seems very outdated. And the company site seems broke.

Nice, do you think this works better than sidekick ?

It works for 3 minutes and then you have to unload and reload the plugin.
I believe you can still download the free mono version of this plug here (in a pack on the bottom):

I use the TC Native Bundle 3.1 sidechainer and compressor/deessor for sidechaining. It works good but you have to reselect the key input button each time you reload.

I really wish renoise would implement a native sidechain tool… That would be amazing…

VVOOIS: yes, it seems like its a shareware compressor. strange i didnt realize this the first time around. :\

MONGO: using SideKick 3 i wouldnt say is better, since i have this
notion of it beeing more grainy and low-rez than other comp
i’ve tried. but that could just be me… but a + “plus” in the
book is that it’s free and it works! whats better than that?

sorry for the false alarm everybody, won’t do this again before
i check stuff out really good first.

Another thing is that i can’t really understand is that IF the
technology/information is out there, and other people are using it.
why can’t it be implemented into the software itself, say Renoise.
It would truly be a great add-on for it, since the software
does not support the sidechain channel thing in the first place.
GET THE CODES, UNITE WITH Twistedlemon… something…
I think i read somewhere before that people was holding back buying
the software because of the lack of true Sendchannels. and i can
understand that since it’s a well used fx these days in comerciale
dance music.



It works! (but you have to turn on the compressor each time you load a song… no big deal)

a bit expencive isn’t it? ;/

Apparently this is one of those things that never seems to be solved. I don’t know why it seems to be technically impossible to create vst-plugs that communicate with other instances of itself and actually initialize nicely when loading a project. Apparently it doesn’t work perfectly with sidekick3, dBProComp or TC compressor/limiter. We’d like an alternative that ‘just works’ without quirks.

My first way of creating the pumping/signal ducking effect when I used Cubase was using a vst effect-version of microgater and by inverting the envelope and triggering the plug by midi (simultaneously with a bass kick) I got the desired effect. As Renoise doesn’t support midi communication to vst-effects and from what I know has no currently plan to be included anytime soon, this method currently doesn’t work in Renoise.

The other method I used was a combination of using Renoise sawtooth-lfo triggering the volume of the “ducking”-channels but as of 1.8, the LFO-curve has been interpolated (or a bug was fixed) which gives the effect that the very start of an sawtooth-lfo isn’t silencing the output and it creates an undesired effect when faking sidechain. In general the LFO is improved, just not the way I ‘misused’ it. :)

What am I saying with all this ranting? Well, either a builtin-sidechain effect or MIDI-support for VST-effects would be very very welcome! :)

Question to developers: Is MIDI-support (note-on/off and so on) for VST-effects hard to develope, as it’s already (naturally), supported for VST-instruments?

@junoir: Sidekick works without any problems since the release of 1.8 Beta 5

@Rick Hoekman: Hmm, I’m not sure about that. I used Sidekick in a song and saved it. Later on when I opened the song, I had to ‘fiddle’ with the 4 channels of Sidekick in order to get it to work again. This was in beta 7 with Sidekickv3.

Nevertheless, it’s a good plugin.

@junoir: If this is the case then it is realy time for a new meta-device…

I’m using Waves C1 Sidechain Compressor , with setting L->R , if I want bassdrum trigger bassline compression I just pan bassdrum hard left, and bassline hard right, I send them both to the c1 compressor and I mono the whole send channel [bass is mono anyway] works pretty well ! maybe it helps someone.

There’s always a manual sidechain compressor technique…sure, it’s more work initially, but you’d get same results…

1.) get your kick and bass samples.
2.) make a copy of your bass sample
3.) activate the volume envelope of your bass sample and create a volume ramp from near silence to full volume.
4.) In your song, when your kick and bass sound at the same time, use the sample that has the volume ramp on it.
5.) Enjoy your ghetto ‘sidechain compressor’.

haha, nice. I cant imagine a reason not to use that to be honest!

i think you can do that even easier using volume slide command on bass, but still it won’t help you much if you’re dealing with signal from vsti for example.

yeah i guess so. I am only really using sidechaining for kick and sub at the moment, so they are both sample based anyway.

I use the TC Native Bundle for sidechaining as I said before but I still think Renoise should have something build in…

Man, what I wouldn’t give for some decent sidechain support… I’ll try sidekick again with 1.8 and cross my fingers that it works… but it would be nice to have a sidechain metadevice that could control any effect, as opposed to just volume coughcough* :)

Yeah I would love it too… The TC stuff works, but you have to turn everything on when you reload a song (VST bug, not renoise prob.)

The new Sonalksis compressor has sidechaining too. I haven’t tried it yet though