Sidechaining into a VST (Trackspacer)?

Hello! :)

I just downloaded the demo of Wavefactorys Trackspacer. This VST needs a sidechaining signal to duck the corresponding frequencies in the track that it is placed. So ducking already works fine with a signal follower on the kick and a gainer on the bass. But if i try to exchange the Gainer with this VST, it does not work. The signal follower recognizes the Trackspacer VST but i can not select a parameter (Dest.: “02”, “VSTTrackspacer”, “none”). I feel i’m doing something wrong…?


This is one of those weird things that I don’t think Renoise can do yet. Renoise seems to have trouble working with VST signal inputs.

Are you using the ‘Inst. Automation’ device? It can be done easily with that.

The Instrument Automation Device can only automate instruments, afaik. Trackspacer is a VST effect, a kind of compressor. Therefore, the Instrument Automation Device does not recognize this VST effect.

Ahh, I see your problem now. Weird!