Sidechaining On Mac Os X Vsts Available

Well, I know there are a lot of topics about sidechaining and so on and bla, bla. But i cant make it run on renoise and i tried everything. On mac os x or use the free vst teragon audio sual comp or tc native cos sidekick is for windows platforms. Anyone can help me about how to do with dual comp or tc native bundle?? Step by step please, cos im going crazy with this. I think im the worst producer around the world!!

The reason there are so many topics on sidechaining is because Renoise doesn’t support it. Most sidechain plugins require multiple-inputs… one for the source track, one for the sidechain track. Renoise doesn’t support this yet.

Thx for the answer. Waiting for ducking support on future versions of Renoise so.

I can’t wait for the improved meta devices (including sidechaining).

(That and modular routing.)