Sidechaining Without Vsts

i’m wondering how to sidechain without any vst. i’m running under kubuntu so windows-native vsts dont work 99% of the time. moreover i’ve got a pretty old computer (9 y.old p4 with 700mg ram) so i prefer not to mess with vsts to limit cpu-usage. true music gurus can do all they want manually, mmmkay?

i’m quite a noob in renoise, i use since 3 months or so, so i dont know many things. when i want to achieve something, i usually find a way, but here i’m stuck…thanks for your help!!!

I’m afraid there is no true sidechain in renoise at the moment.
This is a bit lame but you can automate the sidechain i quess.
Haven’t thied it myself yet but i think i will when i have more time. :)

Well under linux you can currently actually sidechain much better than on windows. You just have to use jack and some external software which lets you do modular routing. :P

Could you assemble a small checklist and brief how-to if there is a way?

I once actually did post screenshots, instructions and song samples about this in the forums. While ago, I have to check if I can find them.

i also found a way, but its a bit tricky…it would be to export the patterns in ardour, then sidechain using some plugins (what a mess if you plan to sidechain layer over layer…assuming you are used to ardour, wich is not the easiest soft on earth…)—(sidechain in ardour :

im still starting with renoise so plz try to make easy explanations…
thanks a lot!!!

If you want to do final mix (including the sidechaining) in ardour it’s not hard at all. Renoise “Render to wav” dialog offers option “Render each track to separate file”, check it, export, drag and drop the rendered wav files into ardour and you are ready for mixing. :)

i knew that already…but
1)i dont know how to sidechain in ardour (requires external plugins aswell)
2)lets use renoise as much as possible!

I coded a set of LADSPA plugins a while ago consisting of a signal follower, an RMS tracker and an “audio to MIDI CC” plugin. They can be used for sidechaining together with CC mapping (ctrl-m). I can post them if any Linux users are interested.

if the linux users want a proper “Call On Me” sidechain ducking,
then let me know and i’ll write a small tutorial, maybe with pics,
how to gain a kickass sidechain ducking effect without any external
plugin. only renoise plugins … ofc, the bounty for this is a new
v2.1 renoise license … :D :D :D

Bring it on! :dribble:

You can automate (duck) the volume or use an LFO. It has been explained on the forum before. It’s not sidechaining though.

as jk123 already wrote, it’s doable with an lfo. this is only if you want this DUCKING sidechain effect
like in CALL ON ME and stuff.

other sidechain effects are abit more tricky!