Sidekick V4.1 VST Crashes in Renoise

I tested Sidekick V3 and was very happy of the result, I sold my hardware compressor and bought Sidekick V41.

When I open Sidekick v41 and close it down by selecting the instance in the mixersection and press delete I get the folowwing error message:

Warning Message: Ouch. The VST plugin ‘Twisted Lemon: SideKick41 (from Twisted Lemon)’ caused a fatal error or crash: VST event/function: ‘Dispatch’, Thread: ‘GUI’
Warning Message: Please save the current document under a !new! name to prevent losing important data. Renoise will silently ignore any following errors from this plug-in.
Warning Message: It’s most likely that this is a bug in the VST plugin, so please report this problem to the authors of this plug-in.

I had to shrink the log.txt file by deleting text because it was to large to attach to this post. I bought the plugin 2 days ago, I deleted the days before that.

The plugin needs the “Static Buffer” compatibility option to work correctly. Of course it should not crash, but thats nothing we can take care of. Could you please also report this to Twisted Lemon?

Instantiate a sidekick, click on the “?”, then enable the “Use Static Buffers” option in the dialog. You only have to do this once.
Because its communicating with other instances, you should also disable the autosuspend option and disable the multi processor support…

Thanks for the clear answer.

I only have a problem with disabling the multi-processor support, this will not do any good for the performance of my pc does it?

I meant the multi-processor support for the plugin only. Take a look at the “?” dialog and you’ll see what I mean…

Sorry for my quick reply, tonight I will click the almighty ‘?’ button and everything will fall in it’s right place :)

I’ve send a message to Twisted Lemon.

Thanks man!

I have changed the settings like you asked me, the plugin doesn’t crash Renoise anymore when I press play, but it still gives the error message when I delete an instance of the plugin.

The error message only pops up when I have also opened the GUI of the plugin, if I only add the plugin to a track without showing the GUI I can delete it without an error message.

Lets see what the plugin devs find out. If you get no response, let me know, then I will nag them again…

Sidekick4.1 has a strange problem in Renoise.

If I:

  1. copy the contents of the DSP to the clipboard, paste the XML into notepad.
  2. change a couple of parameters, and then copy the contents again

Both XML outputs are identical. Renoise doesn’t “store” the parameters. I even run them into a diff program just to make sure I wasn’t going stupid.

I validated this again by saving the xrns, and then studying the contents inside the xml file - the parameters aren’t saved. They are not the correct parameters.

It’s a shame really because the pluggin sounds great.

Is there a solid sidechaining solution for renoise?

Well, I’m pretty happy with the dbAudioware Sidechain Compressor. It works around the current routing limitations within Renoise because it has multiple instances communicating with each other. I’m producing house music, in which sidechaining often is an important issue, and this plugin gives me great results so far.

Better not use Notepad for these kind of matters…
Rather editors that also allow line-terms in the form of Unix.
Does your DIFF program also notices different line termination methods? works like a charm - works perfectly with ‘diffing’ using other pluggins.

Possibly thats just a demo limitation to avoid that you can simply delete an undo delete loading the plugin?