Sidewinder By Pixellated

Hi everyone

You can check out my first song here!

Totally made with Renoise, Reason and lots of love!

Really hope you enjoy it, in fact if you do so, share the love and like my Facebook page! That would totally rock!

Working on my next track now woot woot! Lovin this stuff :)

Very nice track. I love it!

Really glad you enjoyed it! It’s a nervous moment putting my track out there … like running naked through a crowd! :)

That is the best ever “my first song” I’ve ever heard posted. I hope you tell me you have some background in music or something. I’m listening on tinny laptop speakers right now, so I’m not getting the full effect, but for a first song it’s amazing.

Did you just migrate to Renoise, or wake up one day last week and just start writing music? Any way about it, great work. It kind of reminds me of chemical brothers meets moby… big drums, with some atmospheric melodies mixed in - i really like it!

Hey thanks! I actually bought Renoise a few years ago to have a play and try and make some music, I had a go but in the end didn’t really have the time to work it out (it’s kinda hardcore for a novice) so I let it sit there gathering dust. I only recently (Nov 2011) dug it back out and had a really good play with it since I am basically unemployed. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting personal with it and then I discovered connecting to Reason … at that point a whole new level of fun opened up before me.

I’ve got no formal background in music, but I do play darabuka and djembe as much as I can to keep the rhythm flowin!

I’m now working on a track with vocals as my next big project, even scarier stuff writing lyrics and a melody and parading it in front of would be singers! Any tips and advice on going about that are welcome :)

Ooops, also forgot to add the Soundcloud link in case you want to give super-chrono-based-power-comments on the track!! \o/

wow this is really powerfull and ominous , good job

Thanks dude! \o/

How did you put the clip together? Is there a cheap stock vidsite you used or …?

EDIT: I said cheap in a hopeful manner, not commenting that it looked cheap, by any means … in fact I’m surprised at the clips’ quality for an amateur, which makes me think it’s stock video used tastefully.

I just searched for a bunch of random footage online (mostly from people experimenting with their cameras) and chucked it all together. No real reason to it, the story is your own to make :)

I hope to have a decent camera one day so I can make my own video, but most money gets diverted to annoying stuff like electricity and water. Lame!