Signal Follower: Dest. Effect and Dest. Parameter 'min' should be -1

R3.3.0 Win10 x64

Device: Signal Follower device
First parameter: Dest. Track. The current .value_min returned is 0. But it must be -1.

It should be able to reach the value of the parameter: CT.

Note: this can also conflict with .default_value, which returns -1.

Related Doc[].devices[].parameters[].value_min
-> [read-only, number][].sample_device_chains[].devices[].parameters[].value_min
-> [read-only, number]

The same happens with parameters 2 and 3: Dest. Effect and Dest. Parameter.

Note: The same problem is probably occurring with all meta devices: value_min = 0, value_default = -1?

By experimenting with this problem, an LUA tool may crash Renoise with a fatal error without warning, losing all project work. On the other hand, Renoise should be shielded from these internal errors (“forcing” a value out of range crash Renoise).

It has happened to me with the LFO device and the blissful CT value (inside track and inside sample_device_chain).