Signal Follower destination track where VSTi is used.

So I have drumkick track with Signal Follower that is supposed to change some parameter of VSTi instrument that is playing in other track in realtime. Seems like it’s impossible? Correct me if I’m wrong. It seems also that Signal Follower destination can’t be any FX that is applied to channel where VSTi is playing also, right?

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question )

The signal follower can reach any parameter theoretically. But the target device needs to be placed below or to the right of the signal follower. Put the instr. automation device on the target track and then target the wanted parameter. If your target track is left to the track containing the signal follower, move it to the right. You also could place the instr. automation device next to the signal follower on the same track, without changing the track order then.

But keep in mind that VST2 parameters are not updated with sample accuracy, more like every bunch of milliseconds, AFAIK. I don’t know if Renoise supports sample accuracy for Audiounit…

I get it now, thanks! Actually I don’t see why would I need to move tracks that should be automated right to the ones with Signal Follower, when you can place Instrument Automation device to the right of Signal Follower?

Please just help me a little bit more? I want to hear the difference in bass line when Digital Filter is applied or not. I know I can just switch on and of the Digital Filter, but I’m listening to kick drum too (which is sending the signal with Signal Follower to Digital Filter on the bass line). Is it possible somehow that Kick Drum sends the signal, but that it’s muted? Because when I mute it, the signal from Signal Follower is not send anymore…

Found out myself, there’s a Mute option, that was what I needed.

you can cheat, and put a hydra device in between. the hydra itself will not be restricted by the track order.

but with certain meta routings you might at times fup the multicore capabilities of renoise.