Signal Follower, Reset If Trigger Stops ?

Would be great if a “baseline” setting could be implemented.
Meaning if the signal-trigger track goes quite, it will reset the destination to X-value.
E.g. trigger is a drum track and the destination is the bass-track.
If you kill the drums the volume slider will be set to the last position based on the signal, which could be anything.

Not sure if this could be done by other means except doing it manually in the pattern commands or automation.

You mean like an option which also follows the 0-signal…

Not sure what you mean by 0-signal.
But basicly, when the signal follower don’t get any input, the “output” from signal follower is X.

Where x should be either dest. off. or dest. min.? or something really specific outside of those values?

From my point of view if X could be dest. min that would be enough.
A value outside of those values could be used as well of course.
Maybe dest. max could be a better option in this case.

This is exactly how the device works right now, so… I’m kinda confused here :blink: :unsure:

Hehe, then I guess I’ll have to experiment further with the device :)

Are you by any chance using one of the old 2.5 betas?

I reported a similar problem with an early version of the signal follower here:

Does that sound similar to what you’re experiencing?


Nope, not running the beta.
But I figured out what I did wrong or miss.
If I switch the dest max/min values I get the behaviour I was looking for ;)