Signal Follower: Right -> Left order restriction

I’m filing the signal follower’s Right -> Left order restriction as a bug for the following reason:

I can get around it using a hydra.

Seriously guys, how come you couldn’t have gotten around this restriction internally if it can be gotten around with one extra device?

Seems kinda silly, no? :rolleyes:

Amazing device BTW. I freaking love it.

It’s complicated…
Among things it will cause double soundcard buffer latency if we where to support this properly so you could feed back the very same SF for instance.

Actually you would not have been happy when we’ve disabled this in a connected Hydra as well? ;)

Yes, we’ve decided to allow this with Hydra at the end, cause its too much fun. But its indeed still a problem:

Connecting a SF to something thats left from it, track wise, will introduce latency in the transferred envelope. Not just that, it will introduce a kinda random amount of latency, that is differnet on every setup - depending on the buffer settings you’ve set up for your sound card. Sidelick and other plugins do actually have more or less the same problems.

Thats the reason why you can not route a SF to previous tracks. If you do bypass with a hydra, we think you know what you do (Hydra is for nerds only), and can live with that latency.

Well it should be understood that there will be latency… but it wouldn’t break anything, would it? Latency wouldn’t exist forward, only backwards

I’m lazy… but at the same time, the more devices in an effect chain, the messier it looks, and the harder it is to find shit

Also, from what I can tell, testing it with the hydra, the latency is really very miniscule


Couldn’t you just allow us to disable the restriction via an option?

There were other situations where it was a lot. Some VST effects might feel real sluggish.
The worst part is the random latency and if you are doing live stuff, you are not going to like that you have to scratch your head every time that you have posted your setup on stage and have to figure out which device was connected how to fix it, but it is Beta, so ofcourse the best time to test if the latency really is causing problems if various devices are hooked differently in the same setup.

What you also don’t know was that there were issues with Multiple CPU environments (crackling and that sorts of things). Appearantly, the Hydra does not seem affected by these issues (anylonger)…

It won’t break anything, thats right, but the problem is that this latency, even though its often small, is not fixed. It will be different every time you’ve changed your soundcards latency settings, or play the song on a differenet setup.

So just turn the restriction on by default and gimme a switch so I can turn it on/off when I want xD


hugs taktik

For now, i think our choose is the safest :)

ans sure, if you want to do complex routing, have 9 outputs from a single follower is indeed more useful than a single one !

PRO-TIP: You can drag and drop tracks. Takes a few seconds to re-order them in the mixer view.


lol… true nuff Conner… I’m just interested in the possibilities of sidechaining everything to everything :P

Sidechain your mother-in-law with your father and watch the show with popcorn.

You’re a hacker, sir - :ph34r:

That’s my composition paradigm in a nutshell

The possibilities are pretty endless even with such limitation, and we made that only to be sure your song will sound the same on each setup/configuration.

When i want to do complex stuff i just use every signal follower attached to a XY device so i can route it everywhere and make even crossed signal followers…