Signal Follower Routing - N/a ?

Why are some tracks labeled N/A when I try to route the signal follower to control them? If I select these tracks, there’s nothing I can route to (not even mixer controls).

I’m using Renoise 2.8b8 on OSX Snow Leopard

Renoise routes sends from left to right.

The signal follower cannot route to tracks to the left.

You can reorder your tracks using drag and drop.

Thanks, I see.

I wonder if there’s really a reason to have that limitation with the signal router though. it’s not like feedback is a big problem here - it’s a control signal after all. You’d have to have a pretty specific+weird set of routings to end up with a control signal feedback loop with the signal follower (and even if you did, it doesn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal - maybe the value would just get pegged at some extreme setting until you fixed it).

Would be nice to have the flexibility to route it anywhere, unless there’s an underlying motivation that I’m missing here. As you say, it’s not a big deal to drag and drop tracks, but the optimal follower routing ordering may not always match the optimal track organization ordering…

No the reason here is not a feedback problem, the signal follower is simply part of the audio chain and gets its turn to process it like any other effect after the signal follower:
When you route the signal follower back, the effectparameter that it changes of the former effect, isn’t audible until the next round when that effect is processed again, which is what you probably don’t want if that next round would mean a delay of 6 to 8 msecs.