Signal Follower Trick For Funky Drums!

So I can’t remember whether there was a dedicated thread for signal follower tricks, I remember Bitesmasher doing a simple sidechained compressor demo. I’d like to get a bit of a dialogue going here, if possible.

Here’s one to “!ScrAtcH-fUnkiffffaaaiiiieee!” your drums.
Let’s use the provided Apache loop on track 1.
Add: Gate => signal follower… whatever else you want

Now lets use the real drumkit.XRNI on track 2. do a pattern with lots of offbeats using bright snares and symbols etc…
Add: hydra => a ring mod => another ring mod => a slightly resonant lowpass (or highpass) filter

set up the track1 signal follower to control track2 hydra. the hydra should control the frequencies of the ring mods and the filter cutoff.
Try setting the maximum and minimum for the ring mods such that one is the inverse of the other. give everything a bit of inertia also.
You’ll have to do a bit of tweaking of the signal follower sensitivity aswell as the maximum and minimum frequencies to get the desired effect.

Everything going to plan it should magically sound (kinda) like someone is scratching along to the beat. It will also sound like you’re really good at renoise!

Where’s a good place to upload an example XRNS???

thx., or

Tried experimenting with this, not exactly scratching sound but I like it! Example xrns would do well.

ye, xrns would be nice! (=

Working with this as well, I can see a lot of possibilities using this setup.

Thanks for the idea.

[center] kickofighto dude I’d LOVE to hear an example of this. Definitly will try this myself when I get home (I’m at work :( sad cry’s for me lol) altho I’m a bit of a turnablist at heart and love scratching my own shit but hey i get lazy too ;) haha! Anyway man thanks alot for this thread and yeah looking forward to an upload example!

_o0m [/center]

OMG !!!
You mr kickofighto are pure genius :)
That’s just Sooooooo CLEVER !

Anyway, i’ve been playing around a LOT with this trick and here’s the result…


Again… clever…
Must find a way to smooth the ring modulator render…
Maybe a third party plugin like ckpitchshifter would do… :)

Keep up the good work guys ! ^_^

Why thank you very much! :D
here’s one I made a while ago… skip to the looping bit to really hear what i’m talking about. Signal_follower_scratch.xrns

EDIT: I just listened to yours… AND IT ROCKS! Really glad I shared this now! We should show Taktik and get this in a demo track no?

EDIT 2: Try adding another track with a simple DC offset contralled in the same way and LP filtered… might make it sound a little fruity

I read the origin post, curious about how this might actually sound like, but was too lazy to set it up yet. So, thanks TiiVi & kickofighto!!



Listened to it just a minute ago. I didn’t expect it to sound like this. This is great!!

Awesome guys, thanks a lot

I seem to recall a demo in a older version of renoise that emulated scratching effect. In the demo it was used on a spoken word recording. I think it was 1,9 if im not mistaken. Anybody else remember that? It sounded quite good to my ear.

Yeah, that one used the 01xx and 02xx along with filter cutoff… would have required much more effort than this

I’m going to take a good look at this soon. A potential In:Depth article I have in mind is a full exploration of the awesomeness of the Signal Follower.

It is the best thing about new renoise in my opinion. I look forward to you article. The example posted by TiiVi is far more effective a demo than mine is.
Hers’s another little toy to play with in the mean-time using also the XY devices. resynthesizing-beats.xrns

Hey TiiVi! I made a little edit of your scratchzzzzzz demo. In this one there is a bass track controlled by the signal followers also. Also a simple formant on top!
I hope this is ok for me to do… Tell me if not and I’ll take it down. scratchouille_Bass_edit.xrns

kickofighto : No prob, of course you can use my .xrns :)
Your result is pretty intense and i really love the way the sound explodes as soon as you touch ANY of the parameters…
Nice trick, really.

all : how about a “N1nJ4 tr1ckZ” sticky post with the corresponding .xrns ? ;)

Good stuff here on all counts! I’ll have to have a play with SF > RingMods myself to see what I can come up with. :)

Please do! SF > eq is also pretty handy if you set the SF filters appropriately and if you don’t want compression…
Also… if you feel like applying your mastering skills to anything here… ;)
It’s not like I own any monitors…

Had to post this!
I made another edit of Tiivi’s scratchzzzzz.xrns

FILTHY NATIVE BASS EDIT => scratchouille_Bass_Filthy_edit.xrns

Take those effects chains if you like; play with the XY pads on the bass channel

gotta love that side chaining :)