Signal Follower


Still trying to wrap my head around the signal follower for a side-chaining volume effect.

I guess I’ll set the scenario and hopefully it will make sense what I’m doing wrong.

I have a long sample on track 3, and my kick drum on track 4, and want the volume of track 3 to be effected by the kick drum. Which track should I put the signal follower on and what parameter if any will I need to change?

Through experimenting, if I place the signal follower on track 3 and set the destination to the volume of track 4, it seems to work in the opposite way, of effecting the volume of the drums, so I tried to place the signal follower on track 4, and when attempting to change the destination to track 3 volume, an (N/A) appears beside every track and parameter.

I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong or why the (N/A)s appear next to tracks.


The signal follower works from left to right. There’s a long winded explanation but i’ll not attempt it and just state it as a fact. N/A just enforces it.

The workaround is that you can drag and drop your tracks in the Pattern Editor and re-order them.

Hope this helps.

Thought that might be case upon playing around with it more. Thanks.

Hi there!

This is correct, because the min value is set to 0%, and the max value to 100%. This means that when the signal of the kick is followed, the destination will raise with the same amount (A kick is short and punchy, so the “long sample” will be short and punchy as well).

So, to obtain the “sidechain” effect, simply turn those values follows around! Set the Dest. Min to 100%, and the Dest. Max to 0%. There you go, a working sidechain!

Place the signal follower on the channel of the kick. Like stated above, set the Dest. Min to 100%, and the Dest. Max to 0% for your desired effect.

P.S. If you set the signal follower to a hydra device, you can sidechain an unlimited amount of channels, rather than having to add multiple signal follower devices!