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Hey there can someone help me :)
Why can’t I connect the signal follower to the track I called bass here but I can to the other ones? (except the untitled track below the bass one) This happens quite often and I never know what to do.

edit - sorry for putting this in the wrong forum.

You can not connect the Signal Follower to Tracks to the Left of it or DSPs above it in the same track.

As kazakore pointed out, a Signal Follower can only control things which come after it in the signal chain. You can read a bit more about it here: Meta Devices - Renoise User Manual

Assuming that you have a Signal Follower on your “kick” track and you want that to control something on your “bass” track, then you simply need to re-arrange your tracks so that “kick” is positioned somewhere to the left of “bass”.


Is it really so hard to read the manual pages?


Don’t know why I have to do your research for you!

And a workaround is to feed the Signal Follower into a Hydra device, then you can route backwards ;)

Now that makes sense. Thank you

Interesting, I will check this out.

So that you can experience why it doesn’t work to process tracks backwards, simply because the signal of previous tracks or devices are already processed before Renoise is processing the signal follower so processing previous effects or tracks is useless in this essence.

MOST of the time it does no damage and you’ll hardly notice, it is only to protect from occasions where you might.

I actually asked the question particularly after reading the documentation, but it did not answer my question. Then again, maybe I should have asked a bit clearer:
Why does assigning it to tracks to the left add latency and assigning it to tracks on the right does not?

Because all tracks are processed from left to right.

That is probably the part I don’t understand.

they should be processed from far to close in order to avoid left - right issue other solution can be to include a timemachine dsp with extra bonus backward verbs and delays

For your idea, all tracks are processed at the same time, but program technically, each track is processed individually and serial chained and the audio stream is divided in chunks:The note is taken, the instrument is triggered and the audiostream from the instrument is fed through the DSP chain and that stream is either going to a sendtrack but eventually it ends up in the buffer of the master channel. And all is done in the direction from left to right (track processing and DSP chain processing).

So first track 1 is processed and the chunk goes to the master channel buffer, then track 2 is processed and goes to the master channel buffer.

So whatever you allow a signal follower on track 2, to do on track 1, it won’t happen until track one is being processed again in the next cycle, so if the note on the first line in track two is being triggered and the audiosignal chunk from the instrument rushes through the signal follower:it changes the parameter of the effect in track 1, but the audio chunk for that effect had already been processed just four jiffies ago, so only the parameter is adjusted, but the effect isn’t instantly noticable.
Even if you would process the effect right to the left of the signal follower, the audio stream chunk already past it so it isn’t being processed anylonger.

I see. Thanks for the explanation.

I thought it was to prevent oscillation or something if you put the signal followers in cross, i’m a guy, i don’t read manuals. :lol:

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