Siiko - Grounded

Since ive joined the forum might as well post. Been using renoise for probably 7 years now after using Buzz and other trackers back in the day. Some autonomic DnB for those of you into it… more on my soundcloud, just thought i’d post this as an example of what i’ve been writing lately.


Nice one friend.So listen when i saw the title and heard the song some vocals poped in my head and a little story.I dont know what you wrote this song about but here goes.

In one family there is a fight between a father and son because the son punched his little brother so the father is questioning him about it,and in the end the father Grounded him.

Father–Why did you hit your brother?
Kid–Its not my fault…
Father-Why did you hit your brother?
Kid–He punched me first

Father-In this house i rule
You are 2 weeks Grounded
Kid–oh no.

If you like it i can do some vocals on top of your track and send it to you

That´s great and please don´t add any vocals :smile: