Silence with asio4all

Hello, I recently installed asio4all to deal with the latency that is occuring with directsound and wasapi but choosing asio4all now results in absoulute silence. Im on a windows 11 laptop.

Does anyone know a way to fix this issue?


Which soundcard are you using?

Try installing the demo of Fruity Loops and use the FL Studio Asio driver instead of Asio4all.

An experimental workaround could be to install Q’t Jack and use portaudio with rerouting in- and outside Renoise.

I dont have an external soundcard. Im just using the standard internal soundcard that came with my laptop.

On my previous laptop asio4all worked fine but choosing asio4all on my new windows 11 laptop now results in absolute silence. There is still sound with directsound and wasapi but there is also high latency when using my drumpads or midi keyboard. Asio4all helped with the latency on my last laptop but now I only get silence.

Use WASAPi not in shared mode and decrease the buffer size.

Or try using the FL Studio Asio driver.

thanks that works