Silke´s Wundervolle Nacht

This song is for The one and only true love.

ptrance - Silke´s wundervolle Nacht (256kbps OGG)

well… actually we´re not really together yet, so maybe this is just a poor try to attract her a little bit more <_<

mhhz… guess what, I´m a little too unconcentrated at the moment to write some more shit here, so I just leave it now :)

still, comments appreciated ;)

2nd edit

song is polished a little, please re-download

Listening, enjoying… :wub:

Tho one tip, the soundscape of the intro doesn’t really please my ears, why not try using a synth of some kind and fade the piano in later on rather than killing the sound with that horrid filter?

Still, enjoyed it. :rolleyes:

nice song, nice theme pttrance … but the used sounds are a little bit poor in general … maybe try to find better piano and string sounds/samples (soundfonts!?) …

maybe some additional orchestral pecussions in the middle part could be nice too …

don’t write music for girl-friends … it’s not worth ;)

(undank ist der welt lohn)

thx for the comments :)

I´ve updated the song and remastered it, b´cuz the previous master was a little terrible. What I´ve changed is some more release on the strings, re-EQed the instruments a bit - thanks to gilli for notifying and additional help -, made the intro smoother (reso decreased) and plus the master output is completly overworked. The whole stuff sounds now a little smoother, hopefully girlfriend friendly now :)


Thankies :) Well, actually I don´t want to change the intro but… you were right, the filter was a little too pumping. That is now fixed I hope.


I´ve tried to use some soundfonts with sfz and the results were quite nice but I ran into cpu power problems for some reason, not good for editing and screening. Though I could have used the “render selection function” but … that would be waaaayyy to much work :unsure:

Das befürcht ich ehrlich gesagt auch :panic: