Silly Question About Bluetooth Monitoring

I’ve just started using Renoise after messing around with FL Studio for awhile. One thing I had gotten used to in FL was being able to connect to my phone to watch tutorial videos and connect to my computer to input and montior using the same one (left) earbud.

With Renoise I haven’t been able to do this and I can’t work out why? It’s seems that even though the earbud is connected to both I get no audio from my phone, Renoise seems to dominate the audio signal instead of sharing it like FL, how do I change this in the preferences?

Also I’ve noticed the signal is quite distorted until I disconnect and reconnect without my phone connected so Renoise has full access to the Bluetooth signal. Like I said FL there wasn’t a problem but I do not blame the programme I know it is just me not knowing how to set Renoise up properly.

FYI, the Bluetooth one earbud set up is due to producing with my wife and infant in the same room, so I have to be able to pay attention to what’s going around me, at least a little bit, lol

Thank you