Silly Question About Isntruments In Tracks

Ok, im willing to be a fool and ask a question for which there probably is an answer so easily understood that i need to commit harakiri to gain my reputation back:

So im loading up the 202 drumsampler from CM in instrument slot 00.
In pattern view i punch in bass and snare in track one and the hihats in track 2.
In the mixer i let track one be empty (like it as it is) but in track two i load up a compressor and a sanford phaser (also from the last CM, great plugin) that is supposed to only manipulate the hihats.

Then here is what i dont get:

WHYYYYYY is the snare and the kick in track one affected by the compressor and the phaser in track two?? Shouldnt the effect plugins i add to track two in the mixer only work on the sounds in track two in the patterns?

If i solo track one the effects in channel two in the mixer doesnt process the sound, so the kick and the snare sounds as it should.

What am i not getting here?

welcome to the magic world of VST instruments.

what you are missing is described here in the “Using a VST Instrument Alias through channelling” paragraph (video available).

if your VST instrument supports routing, you are ready to rock.

HOLY MOTHER OF JEEBAH that was fast answered! Thanks, man!

Got it to work trough routing setup.

However, it seems strange to me that an instrument in slot 00 played in track one should be affected by effects in track 2. What do i have a misconception about here, since this seems weird to me?

yes it’s weird, but unfortunately the misconcept is on VST side: basically, a VST instrument has many “inputs” (the notes) but only one “output” (the sound, one per channel of course).

The audio stream from the instrument itself is processed, not the audio stream from the track, that is where the confusion kicks in.
For an internal instrument, Renoise “Generates” a dedicated audio stream for each main track that it gets used in, that is how the internal instrument structure is controlled, but that is not how VST instruments allow a host to work with them.
These Multi-out plugins just say:This is my audio stream and that is how you have to live with it.
When it comes to multiple output streams, it tells the host “Here are two audio streams, figure out yourself how you want to use them”.
And the host Renoise, lets you arrange the routing in that case.

If the internal instrument structure gets this massive overhaul, i might personally drop the VST instrument usage to less than i already do now.

Added chapter to the manual about audio routing in Renoise:

Hope it helps out understanding the working method a bit.
Every host has to work with these limitations of VST plugins. Some hosts are more advanced and use these tricks on instruments and effects as well.
Renoise unfortunately is not that advanced yet, but does support an enormous amount of VST audio-stream handling at this moment.

With VST 3.0 specifications out, we are getting to the era where you can control VST plugins as deeply as you can handle Renoise internal instruments using a broader range of commands.