Silly warez seekers exposed

I thought this was mildly amusing so I decided to post it here. I run my website on my own server on my own computer so I have unconditional access to server logs. They can reveal the most surprising things - among the most interesting are referer logs. In case you weren’t aware, when you make a search on Google (or most any other search engine) and click on a result, among other things, the keywords you used to make that search will most likely be seen by the target of your seemingly harmless click. I made a script to weed out the more interesting referrals from my referer log (

a bit censored by phazze

sorry saboteur, we don’t want Renoise board to become tutorial for finding warez, no matter if such things will work effectively or not…

we understand software authors and their efforts and have respect for them and therefore we cannot let our own web site to have such things. someone may use these to search for other software too (except renoise) and then we could also have some legal issues. please no hard feelings about this!

We know Renoise has registered users from Germany, and here we have what seems to be a wannabe-registered user from Germany…

What does this mean? Well, Renoise must be getting higher on the list of wanted warez if people are desperate enough to search for it on Google. It may also mean that Google can’t pick out relevant results for these unlucky seekers, because I most certainly do not offer warez Renoise downloads! :lol: :lol:

Warez people, you might want to think about this the next time you make Google searches for pirated software: I have your IP numbers, search keywords and the exact time (to the second) and date of your search. In most cases (I only have to make the WHOIS) I will also know where from the world you are from and who is your ISP. So there. :D

Saboteur, please don’t start your own vendetta move here… :P Exuse those who search for warez, as we all do that from time to time. Renoise WILL be cracked when it’s big enough, there’s NO doubt about that! So my opinion is to simply leave the differences between shareware and bought software (the files, that is) as it is, and in stead introduce better services to the registered users that are impossible to “crack” into. :) Obviously the solution, as games software companies keep throwing out online games that require original registration codes and also are impossible (or improbable) to crack.

Ah well, this is already happening so there’s no real point in my ramblins here… :rolleyes:

A friend of mine, who’s just getting into Renoise (yeah, and btw DIG Phazze’s music!) actually asked me if I could give him my registered version of Renoise! I rolled my eyes and said “no” of course, but added “tho there might be a nice present for your next birthday coming up”. B)

Hehe, just had to try this out… :D

I’m a quote-faker! Hehe…

Of course I won’t, I was just trying to be all nasty and spooky sounding :P. If you consider computer users, I have a gut feeling that about 95% of all of us currently have or have had in the past at least one or more pirated software/game on their computer… And many have tons. In fact, I remember a couple of people stating that Renoise is the first software they’ve ever actually spent money on… :)

well, I must emphasize that it is not our habit to censor opinions and things written on this board, but i had to remove some things from your post above. please don’t take it as offensive act, no matter if it was unsuccessful search.

we are creating software that is low-cost and therefore should be affordable to almost anyone so warez are not so justified with renoise. also we tried to find it ourselves, we didn’t manage and used much better methods than the ones you describe above. so in summary registering Renoise is the easiest thing to get it so far ;)

as for warez: there will be always some, we want to give registered users more than just a copy of program he/she can use. therefore all the benefits as listed on Register page

just so you know … saw a renoise 1.0 release by pandora the other day.
didnt download it ofcourse, because I paid for mine, but after that I thought if I should have … When I ran across a cracked Madtracker version some years ago I reported it to Yannick and he killed the dude who supplied the version from his list.

this is probably non-working release again just like the others. and besides… it is old 1.0 version which, compared to 1.2 is quite obsolete.

Whoa, that’s harsh! :blink:

I agree with you phazze, with Renoise being in constant development like it is, people downloading cracked versions might even be concidered commercial somehow, they download 1.0, check this site for what’s new, get frustrated that their older version doesn’t have all the cool stuff the latter versions have, and register.

Or wait a little longer for a cracked version of THAT release. Loop to fade…

which meant that he was deleted from the list of people who got updates (or counted as being registered)

respect for coders? :)
i doubt it. they release even cheaper apps so why would renoise have any special treatment? although it might be true that some group really doesn’t do it out of respect but i doubt all would think the same.

i don’t want to repeat the whole story behind development and price of $45 - i know how much taktik works on it, and also know how much i work on it myself. so i can be sure when i say that price is bargain for that much of work. for all of you saying it is not you may try to develop a simple app and see how much time it takes and how much would you charge for it…

This brings me on the idea of charging my teachers for my JAVA-assignment I had to do ;)