Similar vst to depreciated Stutter tool?

I’m looking for a vst that sounds as close as possible to the amazing depreciated Stutter tool. It was always great for doing these types of effects:

Dfx bufferoveride


Is there one thats a little newer? 64-bit would be preferential :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s the end all, be all of stutter cliche effects, hence one of the first, but there are tons out there… Izotope stutter edit springs to mind, but isn’t freeware. Image line gross beat can do stutters, d blue glitch etc. Search the kvr forum.

Yeah I have searched, I guess all the glitcher multi vsts can do it, is the Stutter tool just a buffer trick basically?

Not actually sure if Stutter Edit can do this easily?

Dfx bufferoveride can :grin:, btw the aphex link you have posted above reminds me of a process outcome in CDP. Why not use the deprecated stutter effect, it still works.

I think Glitch 2 is pretty good, since you can draw FX patterns inside it and change them using midi notes.
I use it in pretty much every track.

Looperator and Effectrix by Sugay Bytes are pretty good too, but i grew attached to Glitch 2.