Simon And Garfunkel Reunion Tour

I was thinking that someone should have been highlighting this concert somewhere on web… but I saw there is not much… so here I go with a little info:

Simon and Garfunkel (do I have to explain to you who they are?) have reunited after a 20 years long split… for an extraordinary set of concerts that will see its last date in Rome, Italy… in the very middle of the most classic monuments in the center of the city and right in front of the Colosseum.
And somehow near to the train station.
Best of all, this concert (unlike all the previous dates) is FREE for everyone, like they did with the Concert in Central Park.

They stated their intentions very clearly and declared they want to break their last record of about 500.000 people (at Central Park) with this last “Colosseum Concert”… so this is not only a chance to see a truly unique concert and a long awaited reunion for these two artists… it’s the chance to see history in the making… more or less like it happened to those lucky guys who witnessed their famous concert in 1981.

Now what’s the point about Simon and Garfunkel in a Forum for trackers?

YOU FOOL! :lol:
You should know that the man (Paul Simon) has this weird habit about bringing with him the most skilled and acclaimed musicians in the world.

You might not know who Steve Gadd is, but the drum samples you’re loading into Renoise might actually come from him (there actually is a Steve Gadd Drum Library )… not to mention Michael Breaker, Richard Tee, Miriam Makeba…
Paul Simon is quite known, as well, for his almost fanatical devotion to a good sound recording and you can bet your nose this is going to be recorded to end up in another multi-platinum releas you will buy and treasure for the years to come :)

Anyone here willing to experiencing a truly unique and spectacular moment of live music should be aware of this concert!

If you’re planning about going there… I think you don’t need much of an info as I doubt that anything bigger than this is going to take place that day anywhere in the range of a hundred million miles around Rome :lol:
It’s planned for July - 31, Saturday night… so be quick ;)