Simper - 196 Bpm Work In Progress Party Jam

Work in progress -> slapped on the last 1 minute, last 15 minutes…but that’s obviously going to change beatwise :) tho I like the cheese of it. How is the amen cutting through the mix on your speakers, I have a feeling they’re mixed in a tad to soft, maybe.

very nice song. the break is cutting through fine for me but it never hurts to pump it up some more. can’t wait to hear it when its all finished. :yeah:


Anyone else heard it?

maybe put the amens half a db higher on the peaks but keep the compression the same… if you know what i mean

but its not really a complaint, only mentioned because you specifically ask about the amens.

At the start seemed like the tune was going to be 1234 simple, progressed nicely beyond that however.

theres things that i would have made differently if i was making something like this… but thats why i’m me and not you.
All in all, I rate this with a fairly impartial “this is pretty cool”


very nice drumwork. funny bleep-bass.

me gusta jonas

there’s no wrong way to mix an amen

always great to hear your breaks

Ringmooooooooooooood! :drummer:

I like subtle amens, I think it’s perfect. Notable artists mix down their amens so that they’re not overpowering the track, some (like the inphamous rdj) mute the crap out of them ala hangable auto bulb.

The amens provide great backing energy as they are. To put a variation on an old saying, it’s not how loud they are, it’s what you do with them. They cut through fine on my hd-25 headphones and krix kdxms.

amens are plenty loud enough on my hd-590’s as well. great stuff. i’m loving the chops

Safe as cake mate - you’ve done your usual pucker job :)