Simple Addition To The Sample Editor

how about mixing together samples in the sample editor, rather than just being able to replace.


But have you considered placing both samples in the tracker view, selecting, right click, Render Selection To Sample?

The only thing i miss in the sample editor is a “Mute Selection” button and “Add Silence” … Would be really neat if there was an feature to join 2 Mono samples into a Stereo sample, one for left channel and one for right, or even a slider with blending option 0 - 100% (wide - Center) … or something like that.

Is there. Just mark the area and set volume to 0.

Insert Silence? I need an example what this is good for, please.

I think it would be nice to have a separate category in this forum just for discussing about the deficiencies of the sample editor!
I rarely use renoise’s sample editor, I edit the samples outside renoise using Adobe Audition or WaveLab.

Insert Silence. I use it a lot. Adding silence at the start of a sample for ofsetting. Or adding silence after a sample etc. (Mostly when rendering DSP’s i want the sample to be longer with a lot of silence afterwards so the Reverb doesnt get cut etc)

thag you very buch.