Simple command-line tool for jumping among patterns

Recently I was trying to finish a song, working on getting vocal levels right.

I needed to jump between two different sections of the song to compare how the vocals sounded in each.

Scrolling and clicking wasn’t working well for me. So I wrote a Ruby script to to use OSC to manage jumping to a given pattern.

It’s small. Source is here:

Runs from the command line. Requires Ruby to be installed. You need to edit the file to change the Renoise OSC info.


rns-jumper.rb 12 # Jump to pattern 12
 rns-jumper.rb 2 1 # Jump to pattern 2 and turn on pattern looping
 rns-jumper.rb 8 0 # Jump to pattern 8 and turn off pattern looping

I use my own variant of the osc-ruby gem but you can use the original as well (since this code does not use any of my extensions)