Simple Idea For The Metronome

Very simple, yet work-simplifying idea:

Add an option to the metronome that says “count up x clics” or something, meaning that wen metronome is turned on, it will delay the start of the pattern for that amount of clics. Now, I feel that the pattern should be STARTED, just held back as I want to be able to write multiple notes and even automation even if I miss slightly on the first note.

What you say?

That would be a good option to have.
Also, a volume adjustment for the individual ticks and a few different options for the sound of the ticks.

That is a very good suggestion. I want that, too

I rather go for the metronome that starts clicking but Renoise does not start recording until you hit this very key upon your keyboard or your MIDI keyboard.
In this case you can decide yourself when renoise starts recording and you can try to get accustomed to the rythm meanwhile.

even better idea! :D

lol. yea fresh