Simple Midi Cc# Remapper For All Vsts/aus In The Plugin Properties [?]

Some VSTs/AUs do not respect the GM2 midi standard for CC# midi controllers… So what about a little CC# mapping table in the plugin’s options?

Let’s say we use BassStation. It’s cutoff is implemented on CC# 105, but in GM2 and most plugins/external devices, cutoff/brightness has the the value CC# 74.
So we could add a remapping by pressing “+” and add a remapping line with the values “source cc” 105 and “target cc” 74.

What do you think about it?

Hello? No one likes this idea? maybe it’s already included?

You can map any CC to specific parameters when using the Instrument device or Midi Control device, with which you can control the plugin.
What would be nice is if these instrument device or midi control device would have a learn control in response to the plugin’s parameter list, so that you don’t have to figure out which parameters they support.

No, that’s not the same. I would like one map for all vsts/externals. If the support gm, there is no problem. If I midi-map a slider of automation device/midi control device the connection will be active no matter what plugin in the active one. If I do controlling by cc#'s, only the selected generator will be controlled. It’s a loose connection.

Then scripting is currently your way out here:You can receive midi messages and then simply convert CC105 to cc74