Simple Midi-in Routing

Renoise instruments currently has a pretty awkward way of dealing with MIDI input: you can’t assign MIDI input to a specific instrument, you need to select it manually in the instrument table for it to recieve MIDI input.

Now, most of the time this isn’t really a big deal, but sometimes it would be really useful to be able to route MIDI input to a specific instrument. For example, if you have a master keyboard, and you want it to control a specific sound - without losing the ability to freely select other instruments from within Renoise.

I suggest that we make an instrument able to listen to one of the following:

  • Recieve MIDI input when focused (current/default behaviour)
  • Recieve MIDI input from specific input: [choose MIDI port]


Yes, I have my thoughts

Your thoughts are perfect sir - and I had completely forgotten them. Shame on me :slight_smile:

This is still my #1 most desired new feature.

yes, I just scoured the forum looking for a way to assign different instruments / DSP chains to different MIDI channels.

so i guess its no implented yet!

darn. Hopefully soon - Renoise is a GREAT sampler