Simple multitrack recorder (not a sampler)


Is it possible to consider a tape recorder section?
I would like to be able to make sound recordings (multi-track voice recordings)
Consider an additional tab that would work like the sampler section for larger files in the form of audio tracks like the samples in the sampler section? We don’t need to record 24 audio tracks, 8 tracks would be great! For effects we would just use the mixer. It would be nice to be able to compose and record directly without having to use another audio workstation.

Thank you for this!

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Your idea for implementing audio recording is good and on the right lines I think. I just question how necessary it is generally though.

Using the sampler plus Autoseek for ‘audio tracks’ plus the odd ‘live audio recording’ synced with patterns etc via ctrl+alt+R is absolutely fine by me but I do only record in mono or stereo, never more than 2 tracks at a time.

something like ardour/mixbus did recently? they’ve created dedicated ‘recording’ view


But if you only want to record something, i think currently Renoise is not the best tool for it… i mean it is essentially a tracker… there are plenty of tools to choose from nowadays… it’s not like the choice is limited… :smiley:

Of course after the multi-track recording methods are not lacking I make an export of the audio tracks created on renoise and I resume the whole on another workstation. As it seems that this is a section dedicated to ideas and suggestions for improvements I think that for the developers it should not be complicated to take the sampler section and simplify it so that we can have a recorder section in renoise. In the end it’s just the size of the files that change. In my case I need to capture a mono track and another stereo one but I imagine that other people already have this situation and it’s quite frustrating to say that renoise doesn’t have many limitations but … working with multiple workstations connected virtually we all know it’s done but the workflow isn’t great. This is my opinion :slight_smile: