Simple pattern editor VST with midi out?


I really enjoy using Renoise and Redux. I especially like the pattern editor (the main tracker) portion of renoise. However, I prefer to use Ableton Live session view to compose tracks and record external instruments.

With rewire support being deprecated (and even with rewire, windows DAWs don’t seem to support midi out from rewire slaves to rewire hosts) I’d like to suggest another product, a VST, that implements just the pattern editor portion of Renoise.

In my ideal scenario, I would use this pattern editor to contain a separate pattern within each ableton/bitwig clip, and basically replace the piano roll within those traditional daw applications with the renoise tracker interface. This is very different from Redux, as I do not want a transposed ‘phrase’ or apreggiator to play on every note-on, just the regular pattern. I also would like to tie this pattern with other instruments (including Ableton & Bitwig internal instruments, as well as M4L and Bitwig’s GRID). I would prefer not to have the instrument on a separate track with the tracker pattern on it’s own midi track. That makes the clip/session view too complex. I would like my tracks to show something like [new tracker vst → instrument → audio effect].

I think this potential implementation would be successful both in pure sales as well as vectoring folks to take a greater interest in Renoise/Redux. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit of a premium over Renoise/Redux to achieve this workflow.


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If you don’t know there is reViSiT tracker as vst with midi out and other features also I am pretty sure sunvox developer is working to turn it as a vst also

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Not sure about sunvox but I tried revisit and it doesn’t work like that at all. You can get midi out but you can only run on instance at once. It also has a pretty complex sample/instrument/song mode. You cannot place revisit on a track and then also place another instrument.

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I haven’t tried revisit my self so I take your word for it.Lets see what sunvox has for us in the future or maybe Renoise developer has something in the works ,let’s hope.

Renoise VSTi with infinite timeline would be awesome, yeah. Or adapt Redux with a similar timeline.

Just for the record, while using rewire you can also use a midi loopback device (“Midi Yoke” or something else) to send MIDI from DAW to DAW, no? Perhaps you can even skip rewire and send midi clock start/stop, but I’m not sure if that’s as reliable as rewire for the actual syncing.

I was attempting this with Reaper a few months ago, and seemed to be having some success.
It was a combination of Reaper’s pianoroll for the melodic midi sequencing/arrangement, and renoise for the more intricate sample and percussion slicing.