Simple Pianoroll: com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx

i got an issue

  • when painting, moving, right click, left click a note, the cursor jumps to bottom left everytime
  • the sensitivity of the mouse i too high inside the roll


  • would be nice to loop a region, and the loop also fill up a pattern
  • and if this works when can set up a start point also, without touch other ideas in the roll or move notes

It’s mouse warping. When you need mouse warping, you need to enable the compatibility mode in the piano roll preferences, but sensitivity can’t be changed here. If you don’t need mouse warping, then it works best when you disable it in the Renoise preferences. This should solve your mouse jumping issue.

About looping, it uses Renoise inbuild looping shortcuts (block looping / numpad enter). User defined loop regions is currently not possible, but on todo. About starting point, I’ll add an option for it, so it can be changed.

com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V3.5 (for Renoise 3.3 / 3.4)

Small update with some fixes and new features.

Chord stamping

With the chord stamping you can easily draw chords into the piano roll. The selected chord can be extended by further notes or chord inversion can be performed. If the note preview has been activated, the drawing in of chords can also be done via step sequencing. In addition, it is possible that the drawn chords are always aligned to the currently active scale. Finally, ChordGun chord templates can be read and used, too.


To open pen settings, just double click the pen tool button, or hold alt or control and click on the button. You can also use ctrl+f2 as keyboard shortcut.

Small twitter video showing chord stamping:

Histogram ASC modifier group notes

With this feature, you can easily do strums on your chords:

Full changelog:

  • feature: add chord stamping with many useful options
  • improved: add group option for ASC modifier of histogram for easier strums of multiple chords
  • fix: only detect second dominants on full major or major7 chords

Download: Simple Pianoroll | Renoise


Im having a issue using this tool with my midi keyboard / piano. Works great with the computer keyboard just not the midi keyboard / piano

-The simple piano roll is not registering releasing the notes / note off from the midi keyboard / piano
-This is primarily an issue when using the midi keyboard / piano to select notes with the step sequencing feature
-Works as expected from the computer keyboard
-This may be a bug ?

I’ve tested it with my midi keystation, works as expected. What midi device do you use? What OS do you have?

Edit: It seems i can reproduce your issue. I’ll check this.

Edit 2: It looks like a Renoise API bug. My midi in callback stop receiving midi events after some time. No error, nothing. Can someone else confirm this?

Edit 3: Also happens with the inbuild midi in support. It stops receiving midi events. @knockknock could you test this too? Just go to Midi in Renoise, set you midi keyboard as input device, play some note, use pitchbend and modwheel. Does it stop working after some time for you, too?


Im using the Akai LPK25 and running Windows 10 ( I have the same issue with my LinnStrument )

Renoise is registering the note off as expected ie. note off is loged and the sound stops but the simple pianoroll’s “virtual piano keyboard” is not registering the note off.

Let me know if you need more info.



Does it happen even when you just press one note? Fresh start, Open Piano roll, press one note and it stuck?

Edit: Oh i see. Your AKAI use Hex 80 for Note Off. My M-Audio use Hex 90 with Velocity 0 for Note-Off. I’ll check this.


Yes sir, cycled power / fresh start and each and every additional note is latched on.

Edit: Looks like you may have found it. This is my LinnStrument transmiting basic click clack note on / off as well


I’ve uploaded a test build. Could you test this, please?com.dufte.SimplePianoroll.xrnx/com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx at master · ryrun/com.dufte.SimplePianoroll.xrnx · GitHub (press download button)

Also added midi codes for other midi channels. so all midi channels should be supported now.

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Yup, Works good. Thanks for the speedy fix !

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com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V3.6 (for Renoise 3.3 / 3.4)

Another small update with some fixes.

Improved audio preview scrubbing

It’s now possible to scrub through the pattern in audio preview mode. So its more like the FL preview mode.

Full changelog:

  • improved: add audio preview scrubbing
  • improved: also set last note length, when drawing chords
  • fix: midi support, broken note off, add all channels for note on / off
  • fix: wrong audio preview, when multiple instruments per pattern
  • fix: wrong note width when mixing cut effect in volume and panning column
  • fix: wrong note width when cut fx was set for end-velocity

Twitter post showing scrubbing:

Download: Simple Pianoroll | Renoise


Hello mate.

Congrats to your new Version. Your Tool will better and better with every iteration. I very like the new vertical line quickplay tool. I have some remarks to latest version. First the two options for Note Highlighting should be in an OR Relation. I had both activated and wondering me that i see no highlighting on played note anymore. So using the trackcolor as Note Color and Note Highlighting Color at same time schould be avoided. And a little something to theming related stuff. I would prefer, if you in your settings dialogs Groupheadlines use the same font style as in Renoise general dialogs. I market the 2 things in the following screenshot


There is only one thing that i miss till now. Native compatibility with Mouse Warping. I hope that Taktik can help us with that. So i thank you for all your work giving us a FL Pianolike Tool for Renoise.

keep going on! :slight_smile:

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I’ve changed headlines in the preferences dialog. Will be look the same in the coming version. About the note highlighten, i’ll check this.

Very nice mate! I have had a little fault in my last post. I meaned the 2 buttons have to be in a EXCLUSIV OR Relation naturally, and not in normal OR.


Is it possible to make the lines thicker per beat or to vary the color a bit?

Currently not, for this i need to rebuild the piano grid. I’ll add this to my todo. As quick work around, i can add different shading per beat, similar like per bar. Would this be useful for you?

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That would be very useful. The main thing is just to see if you just put a note in the bar:)

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I found a way to do some thicker lines without changing the grid too much:

Will be available with the coming version.


That sounds great!:grinning:

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It looks great!

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